Gunnpod Moss Battery

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Product Specification

Battery Capacity: 650 mAh
Charging: Type-C Rechargeable
Compatible with GunnPod Moss vape kit and Gunnpod Moss flavour Pod

FAQs about Gunnpod Moss Battery

What is Gunnpod Moss Battery?

The Gunnpod Moss Battery is a device designed to power the Gunnpod Moss 8000 Puffs Kit. It’s an essential part of the vape device, ensuring you enjoy a long-lasting vaping experience.

Is the Gunnpod Moss Battery rechargeable?

Yes, the Gunnpod Moss Battery is rechargeable. This feature ensures you can use the battery over an extended period, only needing to recharge it once it’s drained.

Can I use the Gunnpod Moss Battery with other vaping devices?

The Gunnpod Moss Battery is specifically designed for the Gunnpod Moss 8000 Puffs Kit. Using it with other devices might not be advisable. Always check the device compatibility before use.

How do I recharge the Gunnpod Moss Battery?

Recharging the Gunnpod Moss Battery usually involves connecting it to a power source using a compatible charger. For specific instructions, refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer service.

Where can I purchase the Gunnpod Moss Battery?

You can purchase the Gunnpod Moss Battery from the IGet Vape Shop, a trusted online retailer for vaping devices.


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