Is IGET or HQD better?

Hi Guys, I'm relatively new to using disposable vapes, and I'm curious about which ones are the safest, most cost-effective, and most reliable?

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When choosing between IGET and HQD disposable vapes, consider several key aspects to match your specific needs:

Safety: Look for brands with transparent manufacturing practices and safety standards. Both IGET and HQD are popular, but ensure you purchase from reputable sources to avoid counterfeits that may not meet safety standards.

Cost-Effectiveness: Evaluate how long each vape lasts relative to its cost. IGET tends to be more budget-friendly with a variety of options, while HQD, typically priced higher, offers vapes with longer-lasting batteries.

Reliability: HQD is known for its reliable, powerful batteries that ensure consistent vapour quality for longer sessions. IGET, while offering portability with its lighter and smaller designs, may have a shorter battery life, which could affect flavour intensity over time.

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