How Many Puffs in IGET XXL?

I'm considering trying out the IGET XXL, but I would like to know its longevity. How many puffs does an IGET XXL actually have? Thanks!

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The IGET XXL is a sleek vape with a 950mAh integrated battery and an e-liquid volume of 7ml, delivering approximately 1800 puffs per device.

Whether the vape will last long depends on puff duration and frequency.  Users who take longer, more frequent drags will deplete the e-liquid more rapidly, while those with shorter, less frequent puffs will extend the life of their vape pod.

For instance, a heavy vaper indulging in lengthy, continuous sessions might find the IGET XXL lasts about 5-7 days, aligning with around 250-360 puffs daily.  On the other hand, a moderate user averaging around 100 puffs per day could enjoy their IGET XXL for close to 18 days.

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