Exploring the Top VOZOL Vapes: Which One Should You Buy?

Vaping has grown in popularity in recent years, especially among young individuals. One notable brand that has managed to stand out with its quality vapes is VOZOL. The company is recognized globally and well-equipped to offer top-tier e-cigarette products. With its wide product offering, it might be challenging to settle on a product. Read on to learn how you can choose the best VOZOL vape and the different types of VOZOL vapes available on the market.

Top VOZOL Vapes

A VOZOL vape is a great starter kit for beginners and a handy backup for experienced vapers. The Star collection features unique e-liquid formulas and a range of flavours. Here are the top VOZOL vapes you should consider when shopping:

1. VOZOL Gear 10000 Puffs

The VOZOL Gear 10000 disposable offers a 20-ml prefilled capacity, supporting up to 10000 puffs. The nicotine strength is 5%, allowing for a smooth and relaxing vaping experience. The device is equipped with a 500mAh battery that powers up the mesh coil for hours of vaping on end. The battery is rechargeable via a type-C port for a quick charge. Moreover, you can enjoy VOZOL Gear 10k in various flavours like cool mint, forest berry storm, green chocolate cream, peach mango smoothie, and watermelon ice. 

2. VOZOL Star 6000 Puffs

VOZOL Star vape is pre-filled with 14 ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. It’s powered by a 500 mAh battery that supports its 6,000-puff lifespan. It also features a VAMT mesh coil that enhances the flavour produced. With this device, you can relish the blend of passion fruit sweetness, blackberry tartness, and the rich taste of creamy milk. You can also enjoy other flavours like blue razz lemon, forest berry storm, cool mint, and sour apple ice.

3. VOZOL Vista 16000

The VISTA 16000 stands out due to its transparent casing, which allows you to view its internal components. The tank is covered in a carbon-fiber layer, and the front displays the e-juice level in percentages. Although the disposable pod is primarily made of plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap, providing a classy appeal. Moreover, it’s powered by VOZOL’s S.I.L.C. Tech and dual mesh coils, delivering a smoother draw and a long-lasting flavour. It also features a 650mAh battery that lasts two to three days before needing a recharge. 

4. VOZOL Switch 1600

The Switch 1600 is a second-generation kid designed for sustainability and convenience in vaping. A single device delivers 1600 puffs, and caters to flavour chasers and eco conscious individuals. The pod device has an interactive, fashionable design, with an added strap feature that allows you to effortlessly showcase your personality. For long-lasting enjoyment, it is powered by a 500mAh battery that doesn’t easily run out. It’s also versatile with a replaceable pod feature, allowing you to vary the flavours and nicotine strengths without needing to purchase a new device.

5. VOZOL Neon 10000

The neon 10000 comes in a small compact design that ranks it among the smallest 10000 puff disposable vapes globally. Comparing its size to the number of puffs, it’s undoubtedly impressive. The pod device is equipped with a dust cap made of silicone, attached to the side. Even though the neon is tiny, it’s prefilled with 10 ml of e-juice, offering the convenience of a high-puff disposable without sacrificing portability. To support the puff count, the device is stuffed with a 500mAh battery, rechargeable via a type C cable. Additionally, it uses a fifth-generation ceramic coil technology that improves atomization efficiency and the e-liquid utilisation rate. 


VOZOL offers a variety of vapes, depending on the flavour you want. For an enhanced vaping experience, explore the flavours that VOZOL 6000 puffs and VOZOL Gear 10000 puffs offer. Explore the IGET Vape website to shop for a quality VOZOL vape. 

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