IGET Star L7000 Review_ Flavors, Charging Guide and Pricing

IGET Star L7000 Review: Flavors, Charging Guide and Pricing

The IGET Star L7000 extends an invitation for you to join the trend and learn more about the inventive and refined world of vaping. It has completely reinvented the vaping experience. As an industry leader in e-cigarettes, IGET guarantees to improve your vaping journey with their countless out-of-the-box ideas.

Since its founding in 2012, IGET has amassed millions of satisfied customers worldwide and has risen to become China’s largest franchised supplier of electronic cigarettes.

Dedicated to ensuring that all vaporizers take part in exploring the thrill of this quickly evolving trend, IGET aspires to be the number-one electronic cigarette platform by giving clients access to the newest goods and industry news. As you hold the sleek and elegant IGET Star L7000 in your hand, you can’t help but marvel at its exquisite design. The star-shaped breathing light twinkles like a distant constellation, casting a spellbinding glow that captures your imagination.

Follow this article till the end of this IGET star review to find out more about this legendary piece.

Design and Visual Appeal:

Every puff emanating from the IGET Star L7000 delivers a little something magical with its dazzling star-shaped breathing light that captivates one’s senses. The IGET Star L7000 weighs 73g and has dimensions of 42.52394mm. It fits well in the hand and provides a smooth vaping experience anywhere you go.

Choice of Flavour:

Hey there, you get a chance to choose from this huge variety of IGET star flavours if you have made up your mind to go for IGET Star L7000:

  • Blackberry Ice: It allows you to relish the tart and powerful flavour of juicy blackberries. As a surprise punch, they are masterfully paired with a cool rush of menthol.
  • Blueberry Ice: This flavour takes you on a journey that allows you to enjoy the rich taste of ripe blueberries. It also offers a hint of cold menthol that calms you down.
  • Cherry Ice: Cherry Ice is your chance to taste the juicy cherries covered in a layer of refreshing coldness veiled in a smoky puff.
  • Double Apple: Take a trip through orchards full of delicious, crisp apples. It perfectly blends the flavours of the red and green types.
  • Mango Ice: Mango Ice offers the distinct flavour of ripe mangoes enhanced by a refreshing menthol blast. It offers you a chance to escape to the sun-drenched tropics.
  • Peach Ice: This vape flavour combines the refreshing touch of menthol with the dense taste of ripe peaches.
  • Pineapple Juice Ice: The juicy bite of ripe pineapples combined with a hint of cold menthol is what you get when you take a puff of Pineapple Juice Ice.
  • Grape Ice: This flavour sets you on a journey filled with the rich and luscious taste of juicy grapes with a hint of icy menthol.
  • Lush Ice: You should be ready to be taken away to a tropical paradise before opting for this flavour. It offers a hint of chilling menthol blended with the delicious flavour of ripe watermelon.
  • Strawberry Kiwi Ice: If you go with Strawberry Kiwi Ice, you’re going to be blessed with the traditional combination of tart kiwis and sweet strawberries with a cool menthol aftertaste.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Ice: Let the ideal blend of succulent strawberries and juicy watermelons, enhanced by a hint of refreshing menthol, satiate your taste buds with Strawberry Watermelon Ice flavour.
  • Passionfruit Mango Ice: This flavour, Passion Fruit Mango Ice, offers you the chance to experience the exotic mixture of mouthwatering mangoes and tropical passion fruit, accented by a refreshing menthol sting.

Charging Guide:

Step into the world where time’s grip loosens its hold, and every fleeting moment unfurls as an opportunity to immerse yourself in the depths of your cherished pastime. Behold the IGET Star L7000, an emissary from a future where the constraints of waiting dissolve into the ether.

A simple act of plugging the device into any Type-C USB port becomes a portal to swift rejuvenation, mere moments elapsing before you find yourself poised for yet another voyage into the ethereal horizons of vaping. Yes, IGET star charging is as simple as that. You have to connect a compatible charger to the IGET Star through the charging port to get it back to the energy in no time.

Be it the sanctuary of your abode, the rhythm of the road, or the bustle of a journey, the IGET Star L7000 ensures that the rope to a fully charged companion is never severed.

But the saga of convenience doesn’t conclude there. With its reservoir of endurance, the IGET Star L7000 gifts you prolonged indulgence without the constant clamour for replenishment.


In the realm of vaping prowess, the IGET Star L7000 emerges as a formidable force fueled by the mighty power of a robust 550mAh built-in battery. This powerhouse ensures an enduring performance that seamlessly aligns with the dynamic demands of your vaping journey. With every puff, the IGET Star L7000 will be your dependable friend, providing an ensemble of taste and nicotine hits whether you explore the depths of seasoned mastery or explore new areas of casual satisfaction.

But there’s still more! It gives you a chance to admire the technical miracle that is the 1.2Ω mesh coil, which goes above and beyond what is typical to reveal an array of rich tastes. The IGET Star L7000 invites you into a universe of tactile delight with each breath. Get ready for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary and takes your vaping to unprecedented levels of pleasure and euphoria.


The IGET Star L7000 stands out among the many vaping devices available and is a shining example of great value and affordability. For a low price of about $28 per unit, this gadget provides an unmatched blend of all the features that a person can desire in his vape. The IGET Star L7000 presents itself as a worthy investment that offers exceptional delight without breaking the bank, regardless of your level of experience. The IGET Star L7000 is a prime example of cost without sacrificing quality, thanks to its remarkable 7000 puff capacity and pre-filled 18ml e-liquid capacity.

Every draw demonstrates the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence that characterizes the IGET brand, guaranteeing that every vaping experience is one of unmatched value and pleasure.

Then why wait? With the IGET Star L7000, you can treat yourself to the best vaping experience possible, where satisfaction has no limits and quality meets price. Experience and see why the IGET Star L7000 is the best value in the vaping industry by joining the millions of happy customers across the globe.

FAQs About IGET Star L7000:

Q: How long do the IGET Star L7000 Puffs last?

A: Designed to provide approximately 7000 puffs, the IGET Star L7000 Puffs offers extended usage that lasts between 17 to 23 days for the average vaper. Heavier users can expect around 12 days of usage before disposal.

Q: Is the IGET Star L7000 Puffs rechargeable?

A: Unlike traditional disposable vape devices, the IGET Star L7000 stands out with its rechargeable design via a Type-C USB port, allowing for full utilization before disposal.

Q: Can I refill the IGET Star L7000 Puffs?

A: No, the IGET Star L7000 Puffs is intended as a disposable device and cannot be refilled. Once depleted, it should be properly disposed of, ensuring both safety and convenience.


In conclusion, the IGET Star L7000 vape pen transforms the vaping experience with all its above-mentioned desirable features. Since its founding in 2012, IGET has built up millions of happy consumers globally as the leader in the e-cigarette sector. The visually striking IGET Star L7000 captures users’ attention with its star-shaped breathing light and elegant design. Offering a wide range of flavours, effortless charging, and remarkable performance, the IGET Star L7000 provides unmatched value at an affordable price of approximately $28 per unit. Join the millions of happy customers and elevate your vaping experience with the IGET Star L7000 today.

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